A Guide to Memorie Apps

Memorie is a brain-fitness and training application developed by Neeuro. This application aims to improve a person’s cognitive abilities. Through regular playing, the user will be able to develop better focus, working memory, spatial skills, decision-making abilities, and be more adept at switching between tasks.

Memorie includes a set of 16 games, specially designed to train a person’s cognitive abilities. It utilizes a brain signal sensor device known as the Neeuro SenzeBand. This app is able to analyze the signal received from the SenzeBand and the signals are interpreted to understand the mental state of the user. The user’s mental state is then tracked as he/she plays the games. Some of the games would even require the user to be able to control his/her state of mind to be able to play the game well.

Samples of Cognitive Games

Sushi Recall

The user will have to remember the order of the different types of sushi coming out on a conveyor belt. As the conveyor belt moves, the first/ first two sushi will be hidden (and replaced by a question mark). This will require the user to have to recall what he has seen. The user needs to keep track (in memory) of a rolling list of sushi.

The number of sushi hidden will increase as the level of difficulty increases

Cognitive Skills Used: Attention, Memory

Flower Garden

At the start of every round, the game will indicate the plots of soil that lack water, which the
user will have to observe and remember. Then, after allocating seeds to its’ matching soil plots,
he/she will be required to water the plots of soil that need watering.

Cognitive Skills Used: Decision, Memory

Psychic Cyclist

To play this game, the user will have to use his/her focus and attention to move the bicycle. If the user should get distracted while playing the game, the bicycle will stop moving. The game also includes other obstacles that would require the user to divide his/her attention, without losing focus on the game.

Note: A SenzeBand is required to play this game.

Cognitive Skills Used: Attention


In this game, the user is tested on his/ her ability to remember different things in a short amount of time. He/She will be required to remember the stars’ locations in the sky, the number of shooting stars, and the types of planets that appeared.

Cognitive Skills Used: Spatial, Memory

Multi-task Master

“Multitask Master” trains a range of cognitive functions, such as cognitive flexibility and working memory. The game is split into two screens, with tasks to complete on both screens. As the levels progress, the time given to complete each question becomes shorter.

Cognitive Skills Used: Attention, Cognitive Flexibility

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