We are here to help you or someone you love. Our brain training programs are designed to help children and adults of all ages learn and perform better in what they do. Fun, scientifically-supported and the results are measurable, the training is not only safe and effective but enjoyable too.

Brain cognitive skills

NeeuroFit For Children

NeeuroFIT for children improves skills of attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility in children aged 4 to 12 years old.

Using the latest technologies and assessments, we are able to track and measure progress accurately. This lets us provide personalised training to ensure every child reaps the greatest benefits from each session.

NeeuroStudio - Enhance your Focus

Enhance your child’s focus, memory, and other cognitive skills

NeeuroStudio - Improve Your Child Ability

Improve your child’s ability to perform daily tasks

Modern methods of learning to compliment academic studies

Technology for Better Health | NeeuroStudio

Technology and curriculum designed by neuroscientists and experts

Social Engagement | NeeuroStudio

Social engagement with peers and trainers

NeeuroFit Brain Training For Seniors

Keep your brain fit to prevent cognitive decline that leads to mental illnesses and improve the quality of your life. NeeuroFIT brain training for Seniors improves and maintains your attention, memory, spatial ability, decision making and cognitive flexibility.

Increase Your Potential | NeeuroStudio Senior

Increase your potential to perform better

Train Your Focus | NeeuroStudio Senior

Train on your focus, logic and other skills.

Per Session | NeeuroStudio Senior

45 mins per session

Brain Health Education

Brain Training Games

Social Engagement | NeeuroStudio Seniors

Social engagement with peers and trainers

NeeuroFIT Brain Training For Professionals (4 sessions)

An interactive course that trains yourself and your employees to remember and recall better, prioritise objectives and practice decision-making by applying the fundamental techniques learnt from the brain games.

Happy Faces of Happy Students

Look at the positive feedback from some of our students

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