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As I age, one of my greatest fears is losing my memory. I found myself constantly “forgetting” some information. In an era of emails, teams, text messages and whatsapps, I am required to multitask along with my daily work which makes it difficult for me to stay focus. I am also constantly faced with information overload from the social media, resulting in occasional mental block and slowing down my processing speed.

Fortunately, I was introduced to Neeuro brain training, an effective solution that combines Senzeband and Memorie App to provide the techniques for mental wellness. Though the games are challenging, they helped to simulate my brain muscle. There are many techniques & strategies used in the games to strengthen the cognitive skills. For example, the Flower Garden helps to improve memory, Mindcopter helps in attention, the Stargazer helps in spatial awareness, the Junction Control helps to improve decision making and flexibility. I was able to alleviate my stress by using Neeuro. After playing the games for an hour, I found my brain stimulated and recharged.

This is really a life-changing tool to help me maintain a higher level of mental function. Hopefully, in my ripe old age I could still reminisce fond memories accumulated over the years with my family and friends.

Rosalind N.

I find this brain training program very useful. It has helped me remember and recall better. realised I am also able to focus on tasks on hand and complete my work faster with fewer errors nowadays.  The games are challenging but fun, they really work my brain. SenzeBand and the Memorie App are user friendly, easy to set up and operate. I would highly recommend this program to those who want to have an active and healthy mind.  

Eric T.

“Growing up in the technology era, I have always been exposed to a wide variety of different tech products and items. Neeuro products caught my eye as the Senzeband and Memorie app are compatible and unique in their own ways. As an avid gamer myself, going through different games Neeuro has to offer has really challenged me in the later levels of different games. Games like Junction Control has really helped in my decision making after completion of the training sessions. l find it an effective way to relieve stress, my mind felt energized and awake after every session. Personally, I feel that mental wellness should not be taken lightly and it is important that we train our brains i.e the cognitive functions regardless of which stage of life we are in. I find Neeuro products fun and engaging, very useful for improving mental wellness.”

Ching J

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